Will the strategies that built your agency get you to the next level?

Referrals, your finite personal network, and low-volume organic traffic used to drive new business,
but nowadays, are they enough? 

You want bigger and better projects, long term retainer engagements, and awesome, headache-free clients.

With limited time and resources, how will you generate ideal prospects while serving your existing clients?

The options

1.  Hire a salesperson.

​The problem: Skilled B2B salespeople are expensive (typically $100k+ per year).

Even if they know your industry, it will take at least 6 months to get them ramped up and trained on your specific offering.

2. DIY all aspects of sales and business development.

The problem: Sales is the oxygen of your business, and you’re too busy to breathe.

Your team is tasked with selling and serving clients, and when one side of the seesaw goes up, the other comes down, and you end up right back in the Feast and Famine Rut.  

3. Spend time and money on advertising, social media, SEO, and other inbound marketing.

The problem: Time and resources.  

Inbound marketing is longterm and speculative.  How will you keep your pipeline full while you’re figuring out whether or not your next expensive and slow-moving campaign will move the needle?

4. Keep doing the same thing while expecting better results.

The problem: This is the definition of insanity.

How much peace of mind would you get if you had a consistent stream of of ideal prospects in your inbox?

Welcome to 

The Agency Accelerator 

Generate a consistent stream of ideal prospects and bring your agency to the next level. 

“ Sales Schema were able to drive quite a few qualified leads into our sales process. From that we were able to close very large pieces of business, from which we’re able to see long term lifetime value.  

Once we get a customer in the door and provide direct mail solutions through a campaign, they stick around for many more after that - usually for at least 2 or three years."

Mike Gunderson
Gunderon Direct

What's Inside  

Targeted Email Business Development Service​

Our "done for you" Targeted Email Sales Service aims to bring a continuous stream of targeted leads into your email inbox so you can connect with them and close new business.


We do all the work so you can do what you do best: selling and serving your clients.

White glove.

We're not a lead broker - we build custom campaigns to generate conversations with your ideal prospects.  


We come from the agency world, and we know what it takes to drive business for high-end marketing services.

Focusing on the inbox, the domain where US workers spend an average of 6.3 hours per day, this strategy will scale to the size of your entire market, passively bulking up your pipeline so you can grow your business.


Market Research

We go deep into your industry to define your target market, and build high-quality lists.

Email Cadences

We write high-impact templates customized to your value proposition, and informed by our experience reaching marketing decision makers.

Outreach and Handoffs

We send companies in your target market a hyper-personalized email that includes your offer, and hand you the best opportunities. 

Market Intelligence

You will get a dashboard that will give you continuous market intelligence in the form of metrics on open rates, reply rates, click rates, and individual verticals.  

Dedicated Account Manager

You will get a Dedicated Account Manger to guide you through every step of the process and optimize the campaign.

Business Development Consulting

Learn exactly what to do to close business sooner rather than later. You will build a repeatable sales process you can use to grow your agency for the long haul.


We aim for lead rates of 3-4%, grounded in open rates of 70%, and reply rates of 10%.​

If you’re in sales, marketing or business development, I highly recommend Sales Schema. What I personally found valuable is that they've taken a lot of things I sort of intuitively know and put it together in a first class program. I get a lot of value out of it and the price makes it an incredible value."

Chris Cavanaugh
The Christopher Company

How it Works 

Over the course of 3 months, here’s how we will drive new business for your agency. (Why 3 months? See “FAQs” below…).

1.  We have a call to discuss your ideal target market and value proposition.

2.  We set up your accounts, lists and templates and send them over for your approval.

3.  You approve or edit the campaigns to your satisfaction until we are ready to launch.

3.  We reach out to people in your requested target market on your behalf with your personalized and customized offer.

4.  When someone shows interest in your offer, you pick up the conversation and take over the sales process.
It’s seamless, and the lead never knows it was us who reached out on your behalf.

5.  You talk with the warm, interested lead and start closing deals.

Why Email? 

It’s where your buyers live.  
US workers spend an average of 6.3 hours per day in their inboxes (source: HuffPo).

Going strong since 1972.
We’ve seen social media darlings live and die, but email remains our main communication channel since inception.Business is done in the inbox.Not on Facebook, Twitter, or blogs.

We all use email, and the channel can scale to the size of your entire market.

On the first sales demo I did after Sales Schema's course, the customer purchased 3 hours after the call finished. Applying their advice had a rapid impact. Normally we have a longish sales cycle, not anymore though!"

Duncan Murtaugh

Why Sales Schema? 

Here’s what makes us different.

We know agencies. 
Focusing exclusively on agencies and niche marketing services, we know how what it takes to connect you with CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and other high-value decision makers.

Unlike "plug and play" lead generation companies, we consult with you frequently to help you close new business, and create a feedback loop that constantly optimizes our campaigns.  

Our clients crush it.
While we can’t promise closed business, because of our ability to get laser-targeted our clients tend to close business, including five and six-figure projects.

Done for you. 
Unlike software tools that require you to do the heavy lifting, an which invite you to drop the ball as soon as you get busy, our program is completely turnkey.

Focus on long term partnerships.
We’re in it for long haul, which means delivering consistent ROI.

Customized, "white glove" campaigns. 
Unlike the many commoditized, and often unscrupulous lead generation companies, every campaign we run is built from the ground up for you and your audience: no lead sharing or using stale data.

Constant optimization.
We’re always testing alternate messaging and targeting to steadily increase conversation volume and quality.


What we need from you so we can get results. 

Huge potential ROI.
As a WORST CASE SCENARIO, you should cover your investment with us if you close just one deal in 3 months. 

Pursuing “white collar” buyers.
You are pursuing buyers who are active on email (for example, construction and outdoor buyer groups don’t work very well).

Sales experience.

You are comfortable moving your sales process forward and responding to the prospects we send you in a timely manner.

Well-defined market. 
While you don’t have to have a singular industry focus, you’ve identified one or two buyer groups with which you have a track record of success.

The Founder's Story 

I’m Dan Englander, and I founded Sales Schema in 2014. I got my start at a boutique ad agency called DXagency in New York, and later I was the first employee at the creative firm IdeaRocket.​

dan englander

Selling creative services to Fortune 500s, Madison Avenue agencies, and startups, I eventually got the firm from zero to seven-figure revenues, encompassing dozens of Fortune 500s. Throughout that journey, targeted email was huge for us. I used my IdeaRocket experience to write a business book called Mastering Account Management and launch a consultancy geared toward the marketing service industry. 

I kept running into the same problem: the feast and famine rut.
I gave my clients advice and custom strategies for generating new business, but they were invariably pulled off course my demanding projects and operational fires, and I was left beating my head against the wall thinking of ways to get them results. Eventually, I thought, “Why not just give them conversations with ideal prospects?” Long story short, that’s what we do, and I hope we get the chance to work together.

As heard on:

clients from hell
agency advantage podcast

Books published:

Mastering Account Management
The B2B Sales Blueprint


What do you define as a “lead”?
As anyone who is interested in your service, based on a list of companies and titles you want to connect with, built by us after an in-depth discovery session.Our mission is turning your ideal prospects from cold to warm. We’re going for agreement to a sales consultation, and often we get that, but sometimes your prospects will request more info, or ask that you follow up later. Regardless, we highly recommend you call them up sooner rather than later so you can move the process forward.

How do you ensure discovery calls happen?
Ensuring that all calls occur would requires us taking control of both your and your prospects’ calendars, and lives by extension, which would be untenable.We will get your prospects to agree to a conversation with you, and from there you must be responsive and sometimes persistent to ensure the conversation actually occurs.

Do you offer a performance guarantee (ie. a certain number of leads)?
We used to offer a performance guarantee but discontinued it.  We found that our clients get more value when we focus on quality over arbitrary quantity.  In fact, we contended with refunding genuinely happy clients who were closing business because we were one or two leads short of an arbitrary quota.  

From running many campaigns, we've found that there is no "one size fits all" number of monthly leads for all agencies.  Performance guarantees incentivize companies like ours to simply 'hit our numbers', instead of focusing on the highest leverage opportunities.  This is bad for everyone, because clients end up spinning their wheels on unqualified leads.  

Our system is simple: if you're happy and we're happy, we continue on. 

Is there a ramp-up period?
Typically the first 4 weeks of the campaign are slower due to setup and iteration.  Days 30-60, we typically see activity.  Days 60-90 we aim to be fully ramped up.

Why can't you call prospects? 
In our experience, outsourced cold calling services are just setting up appointments, after which point you and your sales team have to take over. It takes at least six months to get skilled salespeople ready to sell a complex offering, and an outsourced cold calling company can’t be expected to do that. In this day in age, email is a better way to tee up sales conversations. Email gives us an economy of scale that replaces the need for an appointment-setting cold call.

Will you work with my competitors?
We take-on clients on a first come first served basis based on the service each client provides, the buyers they are targeting, and sometimes geography. If you sign up with us and later we encounter a prospect who we worry might compete, we will run them by you for your honest assessment of whether or not they represent direct competition. If they do indeed compete directly, we will turn down their business.

A 3-month obligation is a big commitment. Why not monthly?  
We need significant up-front investment and consistency. We put significant time investment into getting to know your business, optimizing your profile, A/B testing and other aspects of the service to ensure it’s working well. The service performs best when done consistently over time -- it’s that consistency that generates results, particularly with high value offers where the sales frequency is lower and the sales cycle is a bit longer. This bridges the inevitable down periods and makes sure you’re always generating new opportunities.

I’m a hotshot salesperson - can I forgo the business development consulting?
The package only works well together. We need to hear your feedback on the leads so we can improve your campaign. During 9 out of 10 of these feedback meetings, we see gaps and areas for improvement in our client’s sales processes, and we’d be remiss not to provide guidance and let you know how to close the leads we're delivering.

How are you building your lists?
It varies depending on the situation, but it typically involves some combination of artificial intelligence, LinkedIn, Google, ZoomInfo, and other resources. You will see and approve a sample target list and messaging before we launch the campaigns.

From who will the emails be sent?
It’s up to you, but we highly recommend they arrive from whoever will be handling the sales process, that way you avoid having to do a hand-off.

Is unsolicited email SPAM?

Nope, not at all. In the US, the FTC enforces straightforward CAN SPAM regulations with which we carefully comply.   Other nations have their own regulations, with which we comply as well. 

Will this strategy hurt my brand?
Not in our experience. We use a highly-targeted, small batch approach, based on scrupulous messaging and specific targeting, which you approve.

I always ignore sales emails, so why would my buyers read them?
Because the bar is very low when it comes to sales emails, and most ignored messages are irrelevant, un-targeted, ill-timed, and/or self-serving. We know how to avoid those issues and break through the noise.

Sales Schema's valuable tips have relieved me from the daily challenges all Account Managers must face. Their expertise and guidance have helped me retain 90% of our business, and enabled me to scale our operations for massive growth and success."

Aaron Grunfeld

Still need more info?
Want to see samples of the exact emails we send to ideal prospects?