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Generate Qualified
Dealflow Opportunities
for your Marketing Agency.

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Problems we solve. 
Is your agency in reactive mode when it comes to new business?
The stats say "probably"...

  • 44% of agencies don't use a CRM
  • 42% haven't defined their ideal client
  • 90% describe referrals/word of mouth as main source for new business 


Have you hit new business roadblocks?

  • Weighting down high-level new business people with prospecting when they should be selling and presenting
  • Trying to DIY all aspects of client acquisition
  • Hiring unspecialized lead generation mercenaries who send unqualified leads and hurt your brand 

  • How much could you grow if you had consistent, qualified, deal flow opportunities at scale?


    The Sales Schema 
    New Business Program for Agencies. 

    • Multi-channel prospect engagement so you can maximize opportunities. 
    • Content-based nurture system so your brand is protected. 
    • Multiple qualification filters so you talk to potential clients when they're good and ready. 
    • Guaranteed opportunities: defined as right business, right decision maker, interested in your services, and booked onto your calendar.

     Mike Gunderson
     Founder & CEO
    Gunderson Direct  

    Sales Schema were able to drive quite a few qualified leads into our sales process. From that we were able to close very large pieces of business, from which we’re able to see long term lifetime value."

    What our multi-channel program
    looks like... 

    Content development
    and syndication.
    We will create long-form articles to acquaint your market with your services so you can connect with authority.

    Buying trigger mapping.
    We match our network of over 20k marketing decision makers to buying triggers so you can connect with the right people at the right time. 

    Outreach and nurturing. 
    We put your prospects through a virtuous nurture cycle so we connect you when they're ready to learn about your services. 

    Email-based connections.
    We execute campaigns that make decision makers say "yes" while protecting your brand. 

    LinkedIn outreach and content syndication. 
    We revamp your profile, syndicate content, and create warm connection on the preeminent B2B social network.

    Qualification and Appointment-Setting.
    Our experienced, US-based executive assistants qualify prospects and get them onto your calendar so you can close deals.


    Check out our Hollywood-produced video.

    How to make sure we're a fit
    for each other. 

    About us. 

    Sales Schema is a New York-based consultancy that helps marketing service organizations win new business and grow.  We execute done-for-you client acquisition programs to help our clients generate consistent deal flow opportunities at scale.  Combining Madison Avenue, Silicon Valley, and timeless business development experience, our mission is to give marketing agencies confidence and peace of mind when it comes to new business.  

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    The B2B Sales Blueprint Product Shot

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